Sunday, August 5, 2012

Eclair Pacifique, one of our sim designers, has compiled a slide show of more than 1400 slides from Relay.  Campsites, Deisgner builds and almost everything else. 

 While she did miss 6 sims due to the the tear down it is still a moving history of our best Relay ever.

I know I speak for all of us when I say, Thank you so very  much Eclair !

Trader Whiplash

You can watch these in full screen -  enjoy

RFL slideshow

1.  Acceptance & Advocacy

2.  Awareness & Care

3.  Celebrate, Comfort & Courage

4.  Cure

5.  Dedication & Embrace

6.  Enlightenment & Family

7.  Fight Back, Give & Healing

8.  Heroes & Hope

9.  Imagine

10.  Life, Manage, Overcome & Pledge

11.  Prevention, Recovery & Survive

12.  Remember, Research & Screening

13.  Spirit, Strength & Strides

14.  Support

15.  RFL Fireworks

16.  Pacifique Celebrates RFL

Whew - got 16 slideshows DONE!  I got the 'brainy' idea to take pics of everything along the track, sadly, this idea came to me Wednesday evening.  34 sims and 1,291 pictures later I got through.  With lots of interruptions and distractions, I had planned to finish up and go back to particular spots Thursday & Friday.  But Thursday people had started to take things down!  omg   I hurried up with the last 4 sims, missing some of the RFL signs.

Anyway, I hope I have not made any blatant errors.   I apologize beforehand for any errors or omissions.  I'll do better next year.  I did miss 6 sims, Reflection, Treatment, Unity, Wish and Volunteer.

The slideshows are on Animoto and the nice things about Animoto is that you can watch them full screen!   Also placed them up on Youtube, KoinUp and eventually Flicker.

Eclair Martinek

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