Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why I Relay ~ Sylis

I was sitting in the Doctor's office with my mom and my Grandmother, only 14 years old at the time and not really sure what was going on. The Doctor came in looking grave and I saw the same look on my mothers face and my grandmother already started crying. "We have some options" he said solemnly "But we need to face some hard facts." I was asked to step out of the room. Apparently my Grandmother had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and it had already spread past easy management.

Chemo Therapy, radiation, Surgeries and all sorts of other things were discussed and she began treatment. A brutal year and some later, still deteriorating, taking meds to counter act the side effects of other meds. Always sick, always tired. No more braids, no more cookies, depression and overwhelming sadness. I watched the strongest woman I ever knew fall apart before my young and unhappy eyes.

Then she told my Papa she wanted to go home to Ontario so she could die peacefully, 6 months later she died of a blood clot in her leg. Result of all the meds and her bodies weakened state. Not neccessarily Cancer but as a result of the deadly diseases impact on her body.

I relay because of her, I relay because her doctor said it skips a generation sometimes and my sister and I are the next generation, I relay because of my friends here, my family in both second life and real life.

I relay because I need to believe there is a hope that those I care about and those who they care about and so on do not experience the hopelessness and depression my Grandmother had to endure during her last year and a half of life.

I relay because I love, I laugh, I want to live.I relay because I want that for all of us.

Most importantly, I relay for a cure.

~ Sylis

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  1. I'm so sorry. I lost my dad last year to prostate cancer, and I will feel that forever. It never leaves. The memories I shy from, the songs I can't listen to, the pictures I don't look at any more. What a nightmare.

    (Rusalka Writer inworld). See you at the Relay.