Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Birth of "Bronzing"

Relay For Life of Second Life is a certainly a unique place to Relay. It mirrors real life and goes way beyond real life. Most event ideas come directly from real life, but in Second Life, it is taken to the next level.

The Bid me Bald turns into the infamous "Hair of Relay", to complete avatar alterations. Community, crafts and bake sales, car washes turn into Fantasy, Fashion, Home and Garden expositions. On, and on, and on.

But the root of it all, is the coming together, from all over our homes, all over our regions, all over our worlds in real life and Second Life, it makes no difference, were here to fund raise, generate awareness, support each other and inspire people to take action. That everyone matters, every little bit helps, no matter if you at the top or the bottom of whatever award level in your Relay, it all adds up to one effort.

Take our Relay For Life of Second Life totals for example. Our current total is $260,000. 1% of that value in $2,600. Add up all the teams that have more than that 1% value, and those that have less, and you will always find that second group, does the lions work. So ya, every Linden and everyone, matters.

And then one evening, at the closing party of the Half Way There Fair 2012, an idea was given birth with the rez'ing of a kiosk with the aim of helping give the new and smaller teams a boost, by Bronzing them. A delirious 6-8 hours later, some 25 teams had been raised to Bronze level, with the infectious passion of everyone caught, that came to our calling. But that infection didn't stop there. Another team captain whom got the bug that day, made it their calling and has been hosting Bronzing events. The infection was deeply entrenched in those from the initial contamination, as they recently did a marathon bronzing and I am sad to say turn into the first Relay For Life of Second Life pandemic event. Every single team in Relay For Life of Second Life, whom ever raised even a single itty bitty tiny Linden, has been touched by this Bronzing event.

Zander's words said it best "that together we are what no single person, team, committee, state or nation can be. We are the cure. One spirit. One goal. One team."

So ya, both the individual and the collective, matters. The individuals draining their pockets dry, or cheering other on, working in the background organizing, or the face and voice of your Relay group, the whole of Relay, that oneness that is Relay, matters. This unstoppable force, and what we each do, and infect others to do, matters. By the way, this infection and eventual Bronzing mutation, all started with one man, the father of Relay, Dr. Gordy Klatt when he was walking a lap, when an idea was given birth.

It really was a beautiful, to witness the birth of Bronzing.

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