Saturday, June 16, 2012


6th Annual
Relay for Life of Second Life Multi-Team Event
June 22nd-24th, 2012


Get out those poodle skirts, bobby socks and saddle shoes or the leather jackets, cuffed jeans and don those ducktails, we're headed back to the 50's!   It's time for the 6th Annual Back to the 50's Weekend for Relay for Life!  It's all happening June 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2012.

The weekend begins with  a Sock Hop on June 22nd, from 5-7 PM.

Saturday will see festivities all day long. The carnival opens at 9 am. Carnival rides, game booths, the mechanical bull (with a FABULOUS grand prize); kissing booth; Dunk Tank; carnival clowns and watch out for the Police who will be slamming all hooligans straight in the slammer. Send out a warrant and have them arrested Yep,they'll have to bail their way out.  The Classic Car Contest returns on Friday night, where you can vote over and over again for your favorites. Be sure and visit the Labyrinth, too..  who knows the fun twists and turns that could take?    Saturday will end with another Sock Hop and a Skating Party.

Be sure and shop our town shoppes and look for the special things selling especially for RFL, by some our RFL teams!

The fun continues all day  Sunday, the 24h and ends with  skating party at 6pm or a double feature at the drive-in movie theater from 4-6:30pm SLT.

It's a jam-packed oldie, but goodie weekend.. and it's all for Relay for Life! 

Be There or Be Square!

For more information contact Shayla Juran

Schedule of Team Events
All times slt.    
Friday 22, June , 2012
Sock Hop
   5pm-7pm SLT   
   Team: Rays of Hope Team Captain Suzetta Moonites Co-Captain Broody Flow and
   Team: Eternal Beacon Captain Dione Kohime Co-Captain Dys Babi
   with DJ   DJ Suzetta "SweetReds" Moonites

Saturday 23, June , 2012

Dunk Tank
   10am-5pm SLT
   Team: Dominion Relay for Life of Second Life
   Team Captain: Lovenica Resident

Kissing Booth
   Team: Cure Chasers
   Team Captain: Sienna Thor
Carnival  Party  DJs spinning Sock Hop Music
   10am- noon
   Team: Hearts & Souls Team
   Team Captain: Holocluck Henly
   with DJ Holocluck Henly

   noon-2pm       Jail House Rock with DJ Shayla Juran (Live From Police Station)
   Team:   TBA
   Team Captain:
   with DJ

   Team:   TBA
   Team Captain:
   with DJ Painthorse Graysmark

   Team: Belar Inshan Relay Team 
   Team Captain:Team Captain: Maribol Inshan 
   with DJ  Maribol Inshan

Sock Hop 
   Team: Circle of Life 
   Captain:  Serina Juran, Co-Captain Blynn Heron, Pammie Venkman
   with  DJ Fairlight Moonshadow

Skating Party

   6pm-8pm SLT
   Team: Sweet Magnolia
   Team Captain: MaryRosella Resident
   Co- Captain: with DJ Stella Eros-Maximus

Sunday 24, June, 2012

Dunk Tank (VIPS) Bronze a team party!!
   Dunk Tank Schedule
   1:30-200 Tayzia Abattoir
   2:00-2:30 Panza Eilde

   2:30-3:00 Dwen Dooley
   3:00-3:30 Mamap Beerbaum
   3:30-4:00 Nikki Mathieson
   4:00- Break
Kissing Booth Bronze a team party!!
   12am-4pm SLT
   Team: TBA
   Team Captain:
Carnival DJs spinning Sock Hop Music 
   Sunday 24, June, 2012


10:00am - 12:00 PM   DJ Cathlace2903   (Flying Tigers)
12:00-2:00PM - DJ  Dee Wolfe ( Relay Rockers )
2:00-4:00PM - DJ Shayla Juran
4:00-6:30PM - Break For  Sunday Night at the Drive In!!
6:00-8:00PM - DJ Fuzzball Ortega (Steelhead Salmons RFL)
8:00-10:00PM -  DJ Madonna Daehlie (Relay For Hope)

Sunday Night at the Drive-In
   4pm-7pm SLT
   Team:  Passionate Redheads
   Team Captain: Sabine McGettigan
   Movies: The Incredibles 

Entire Weekend Events
   Team:  Life's Angels
   Team Captain: Xyza Armistice

Classic Car Contest & Raffle
   Team: Not filled yet
   Team Captain:

Bull Riding Contest  & Grand Prize
   Team: Heros For Life
   Team Captain: NightWalker Galaxy

Shoppes, Etc
Teams Shops:

Team Name:  Team Shadows
Team Captain: Belar Gem Jaggernov (Gem Sunkiller)

Team Name: Belar Inshan Relay Team
Team Captain: Maribol Inshan

Team: Hearts & Souls Team
Team Captain: Holocluck Henly

Team:-The Fringe
Team Captain/ Co-Captain:
-Rendal Constantineau / Musicalmystic Constantineau

Team: Flying Tigers
Team Captain: Jessii Warrhol-Giano (jessii2009.warrhol)

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