Sunday, August 21, 2011

Final award winners

A host of awards were presented at the Wrap-Up Party yesterday, starting with the 'Spontaneous and Fun' awards presented by Awards Co-Chair Daten Thielt.

The 'it's a bird..? it's a plane? NO it's uhhh batman.. saving the day ..' Award goes to Frank Battitude, nominated by Jill Caldera who said, 'We have to nominate Batman, he really did make an effort to come and stop to see people and interact, sign autographs and even gave gifts out to some of our team members!'

The 'WHOA that's some BIG hair.. and he's still standing up straight' Award goes to: Fuzzball Ortega and the largest hair ever seen in Relay

The 'Lizzy Borden Award .. alias AXE Award .. alias The "Golden Hatchet' .. goes to The one and Only Lovely Miss A PinkSwan Beauchamp for her remarkable Passion in achieving Note Cards receiving and .. Award Distributions

The 'King of Purple Boot Scootin boogeying on the track' Award goes to: Trader1 Whiplash and his signature purple boots.. (we're still waiting for that boogeying tho)

The Arborist of Relay Award goes to Piedras Chama. Ember Farina nominated Piedras with these words, 'Pie is the amazing man behind so many of the trees synonymous with RFL in SL, including the survivors trees and this year's wonderful "Seasons of Hope" trees. (seen lining the track this year and the Relay entry sim)'

The '.. aHA .. so he DOES know how to make glue' Award goes to: Stingray9798 Raymaker. nuff said

This year's SPONTANEOUS '... I think I can .. I think I can.. I think I can' Award goes, with the greatest respect, gratitude and applause, to RacerX Gullwing and his amazing Snail Racers!

Last but certainly not least, Daten said, 'We'd like to present a special award to a man who has been a part of SL Relay For Life for seven years. well... Let me read the nomination by Leor Tobias to you to explain...

'Leor Tobias says, "After seven years of Relaying, he keeps coming back for more. He's seen Relay for Life grow from a small gathering of friends to the monumental achievement it is today. Along the way he has inspired others to take up the cause, and always pitched in a hand whenever it was needed.

"He's captained several teams, worked on several teams and quietly done more than his part.

"He has never won an award for his builds, for his fund raising, for wearing a cheerleader's outfit ((which he did this year after a challenge was met)), or for orchestrating wild and crazy events, but I would love to nominate him... because it was never about the money, or the effort, or the time, it was always about the joy of doing something in Second Life that was honorable and noble and real. He's inspired me as he has so many others. Please consider giving him a special award. Thank you."

'So, on behalf of Leor and the rest of us.. I’d like to present the 'spontaneous and special Relay Honor Award 2011' to David Valentino.

and now.. for this years.. FUNDRAISING awards....

After Relay weekend some of the teams continued to fundraise and raised their fundraising club levels. The following teams moved up in fundraising standings.

Synthetic Rose went to Bronze
Roma Pro Vita, rose to Silver
Walking Tall for a Cure moved up to Silver
Purple Tears went to Silver
Celtic Amazon Warriors for Life up to Silver
DarkStar rose up to Gold
Marga-Relay-ville went to Gold
Riders for a Cure went to Gold
JLU Caped Crusaders went to Gold
Giant Snail Relay increased to Gold
Surreal For Life went up to Gold
Eternal Beacon moved up to Platinum
Touched By Angels rose to Platinum
The Fringe went to Platinum
Aether Chrononauts went to Sapphire
Harmony of Hope went to Sapphire
Inspired Dreamwalkers went to Sapphire

and the
Goreans in the Relay for Life went to Ruby


The top individual convio fundraising award is awarded to the individual who raised the most via the Convio (RFL) website (which is outside of SL, and are in US dollar donations) and the winners are:

in 3rd place - Argo Recreant
in 2nd place - Keera Woyseck
and in first place the winner is: Blynn Heron

The top TEAM convio fundraising award is awarded to the teams who raised the most via the Convio (RFL) website (which is outside of SL, and are in US dollar donations)
and the winners are:

in 3rd place the winners are- Relay for Hope
in 2nd place the winners are - Eternal Beacon
and in first place winners are: Circle of Life

The top teams inworld fundraising award is awarded to the teams who raised the most lindens IN SL
and the winners are:

in 3rd place - with 1,602,750 lindens raised : Relay For Hope

in 2nd place - with 3,215,395 lindens raised: Goreans in the Relay For Life

and in first place with 6,553,377 lindens raised: Friends Fighting Cancer

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS.. and Cheers to all teams on a successful season. Well done!

The microphone then passed to Dwen Dooley who presented the following 'EBBY' Awards:

The 'Driving Force' Award... Presented to the individual who not only kept the event board drinking game going ... but also kept the Event Board going by reminding teams to utilize and display the Event Boards. Also assisted other teams with Event Board questions.. Fuzzball Ortega

The 'Exploding Inbox' Award is awarded to the individual whose team had the most events in the inbox, not just because they had the most events, but also because they were a regular user of the inbox (and waste basket) processes to ensure timely and accurate Event Board displayers .. KJ KIranov

The 'Longevity' Award: Goes to those individuals who rezzed an event board displayer as early as possible, and kept it rezzed throughout the season .. Baldi McMillan

And finally the 'That's the Spirit' Award goes to the individuals who kept the most Event Board Displayers rezzed throughout the Relay season .. Fuzzball Ortega

Last year's 'Spirit of Relay' individual award winner, Ember Farina, then announced this year's winner.

'The Individual Spirit of Relay is awarded to the individual that embodies the 'Spirit of the Relay' and includes an overall performance from Kick Off to Relay Day. This award takes into consideration the 'spirit' of the individual, how they embraced Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society Mission, and the enthusiasm displayed. Also considered is their participation in Relay activities, as a whole, not only in their own team’s, but other team’s events, as well' said Ember.

'For the last six years this year’s recipient has been Relaying in SL. Regardless of Team affliation, anyone who has needed assistance with Kiosks, Vendors, or building has found a helping hand.

'This year, just as Relay was kicking into high gear, he suffered a debilitating stroke. His motivation for a fast recovery was actually Relay for Life! He worried so much about his team that he came back inworld before he could even read or type; they all used voice to communicate with him to ensure that the team would keep moving forward.

'He’s determined, and despite all odds, always involved in anything that has to do with Relay, from planning to end, always there to help others regardless of other affiliations.

'I’m pleased to announce the 2011 individual Spirit of Relay – Daaneth Kivioq

Then finally, Nevar Lobo who captained last year's winner announced the 'Spirit of Relay' team Awards:

3rd Place - Team Caledon
2nd Place - Steelhead Salmons
1st Place - Team OD

Congratulations to all!

Photograph by IshtarAngel Micheline

PrimPerfect's tribute to Relay For Life of Second Life

PrimPerfect has published a very special tribute issue to Relay For Life.

Throughout the Relay fundraising season Primperfect had a reporter Beq Janus who was 'embedded' in Relay and covered all the main events as well as being an active member of the New Babbage fundraising team. This issue draws on Beq's blog reports and also includes a fascinating behind-the-scenes article by PrimPerfect's Editor, Saffia Widdershins, about how the Relay Telethon was made.

The issue includes some beautiful photography of some of the Relay sims - gone, but not forgotten.

To quote Beq:

'The Relay is over, long live the Relay'!

You can pick up a copy of the August 2011 RFL commemorative issue in world or read it on the Calameo site on line.

Thsnk you Saffia, Beq, and the PrimPerfect and Telethon contributors for all your support this year!