Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why I Relay ~ Noki Blindside

Written by: Noki Blindside

Relay for Life of Second Life 2011 has been such a memorable experience for me; it allowed me to work with 10 new teams that wanted to become involved with Relay as much as myself, and the chance to be a Relay Track Guide. Being an official Relay Track Guide meant to help the survivors/caregivers to where they needed to be, obtaining necessary information, and receiving the official survivor/caregiver t-shirts before walking around the track for honorary hour.

Excitement brewed as my friend, Vickie Maidstone, and I waited at the Relay station listening to T1 Radio for opening ceremonies, it was very intense. As time grew near toward the first hour of relay, I could see green dots on my Mini-map go on for miles and miles! We finally hear the word from our Survivor/Caregiver chair, Cinders Vale, to allow the honorary hour to begin, and thus our job was over. Relay had just began for both of us and we set ourselves out to join the walk with all of the other amazing survivors and caregivers. Lag started to brew around each corner of the sim, it was just a nightmare, but such a great experience seeing all the campsites and all of the people cheering you on.

Before Relay, my friend Vickie and I received word from our captain, Ember Farina, the chance to become RFL Ambassadors for our team Friends Fighting Cancer. My first thoughts were: Wow what an honor! We both graciously accepted our new titles and set off into the great world of Relay. I felt as though our responsibilities as Ambassadors were: to make constant contact with our captains/team members, helping with last minute preparations for our team campsite, and to assist our captain throughout the Relay season and Relay weekend.

Nearing the end of Relay, I realized how much work everyone put into this great event we call Relay weekend. Not only does our amazing track designer, Charlene Trudeau, have a lot of work that is put on her shoulder but also for our Relay chair, MamaP Beerbaum, for making sure everything goes perfectly through the entire 24 hours. The entire RFL committee put in so much effort to make Relay weekend happen, it was just phenomenal the potential that we can achieve and the accomplishments we can overcome in such a short amount of time. We had over 140 teams during the Relay season, and our great Mentors/Liaisons made sure their teams knew everything that was being asked of them; obtaining important Relay weekend information, fundraising ideas, and campsite planning/building.

Amazing involvement, hard work, and effort throughout Relay is what strives all of us to become successful and to finally beat this terrible disease we call cancer in the future!


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