Sunday, July 24, 2011

Seasonal highlights of 2011

It's a week since Relay weekend. And already I'm regretting that I can't spend a few hours at the sims today visiting all the builds that I missed and revisiting some of my favorites. There was an astonishing amount to see and as usual, too little time to visit it all and take it all in.

So I was delighted to come across a series of articles in Primperfect by Beq Janus who went round the track and photographed and wrote about some of the seasonal highlights, including the three prizewinning designer sims as well as some which received awards in other categories.

Beq started at the springtime sim of Acceptance, and passed through Awareness, Care, Celebrate, Comfort, Courage, Cure and Dedication. Featured builds include Ame Lobo and Aryon Dagger’s “caregiver’s path”, an enormouse beanstalk, Jara Jowell's award-winning Tornado of Life, the Dandelions and Mudpuddles rollercoaster, the BOSL flamingoes and waterlilies, and Wakaonna's giant pyramid.

Next Beq visited the summer sims of RFL Give, Healing, Hero, Hope, Imagine, Knowledge, Life, Manage,Overcome, and Persevere, including Sail For Life, B5 IV in SL, the United Federation Starfleet camp, Team Caledon, Tari Landar's Survival Garden, Arnolds Diner by “Friends in memory of KevinBear Watanabe”, Bryn Oh's giant bullrushes, the Ministry of Dance beach and the fairground built by Cameron Trenchcoat.

Tari Landar shakes a fist at cancer

Then on to autumn. We pass on through Kayle Matzerath's award-winning forest in RFL Survive, through the fall sims to Screening, taking in the builds by the NY Healthscape and Purple Tears teams, the ghostly pirate ship by Team OD, the trick or treat street built by the Raucous Relayers, and the fantasy build by Mayah Parx.

Award-winning build by Kayle Matzerath

Finally Beq travelled through the winter sims, from Alia Baroque's tower in RFL Spirit, via the Dr Who build in Strength, the Rip Wirefly designer sim that straddled Strength and Strides, the New Babbage 'factory of Hope' in Support, through the Friends Fighting Cancer campsite in Acceptance, to the Steelhead Salmons campsite with its two ghostly dancers and the chapel of hope built by the Aether Chrononauts.

Thsank you Beq for helping to record Relay history!


  1. Poppy,
    I am BryanR Rickena and I have started a museum of sorts for RFL of SL. I have alot of stuff so far, I'd like you to see it.

  2. Thank you so much for showing me round the museum Bryan. It is awesome and I hope more people go and see it and contribute items.