Saturday, February 27, 2010

Look out for the new-style event boards!

Six-face event board (picture by Moonshade Pastorelli)

Just two weeks to go before kick-off and we'll soon be seeing these new-style event boards around the grid!

These new event boards were conceived and created by Dwen Dooley and the boards were designed by Charlene Trudeau. The boards can be set up anywhere on the grid and are available in a variety of styles, either free-standing or on a wall. Team captains enter the information at a central point on the American Cancer Society island and it is automatically distributed to all the boards.
For more about this neat tool, see Moonshade Pastorelli's article in the BOSL blog:

For an overview of how it works, see Dwen's video:

More video tutorials on the new boards here:

Friday, February 26, 2010

Clothing Fair Advertising Opportunity

The Clothing Fair this year is offering the following packages for advertisement. This is an excellent opportunity to get your business or someone you know seen at the fair.

All textures need to be 512 x 512

At the bottom of this post is the section for your name and your selection of advertising. Please copy and paste (and then complete the information) into a notecard and drop it back to Amethyst Starostin. This is on a first come basis so she will contact you with payment information after it has been assigned. Do not drop payment to anyone else.

See below for pricing. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Amethyst. All IMs go to her email so I do answer periodically throughout the day.


Stage area sign - 5,000L$

18 available - logo and LM
Runway signs - 5000L$

24 available - logo and LM
Ad board on Sims - 2500 L$

80 available - logo and LM

If you're interested in advertising at the Clothing Fair, copy and paste the following information into a notecard. Fill in the info, and then give to Amethyst Starostin (in-world).

Business (if applicable):
First Choice:
Second Choice:

Please indicate here if you want more than one ad:

Monday, February 22, 2010

We relay in Japanese too!

If you have any Japanese friends in Second Life, tell them about this amazing website developed by Seri Writer and friends about RFL of SL 2010... in Japanese! See:

In real life, Japan is one of 20 countries outside the USA that are licenced to hold their own relays. See:

Dedication walls at the clothing fair

Do you have someone you would like to celebrate? The SL Clothing Fair is starting to gather names for its dedication walls. There will be three walls, one each for cancer survivors and caregivers, and a memorial wall for loved ones who have passed away. For more details please visit or contact Amethyst Starostin.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

There's gonna be a RELAY!

IT'S OFFICIAL ... THERE'S GONNA BE A RELAY! The new Event Chair Tayzia Abattoir opened the first all-inclusive committee meeting of Relay For Life of Second Life of 2010 on Saturday, February 6 and spoke of the need to reach out to new areas and communities in Second Life. She unveiled the new logo 'Wishing On A Cure' for those who hadn’t yet seen it.

Teams registration opened on February 1 and already over 30 teams are registered!

Stingray9798 Raymaker (Jeff Montegut – the American Cancer Society’s representative in Second Life) reminded us that fundraising should be FUNdraising. Last year we raised an incredible US$274,000 and RFL of SL was ranked the 112th highest fundraiser out of over 5,000 RFL events in the United States. He then spoke of the need for good communication and reminded us that we’re all volunteers who give of our time and talents freely.

For 2010 the official goal is US$300,000. Can we do it? YES WE CAN!

Trader1 Whiplash spoke about a new project that he is setting up. Called ‘For Life’, there will be a more detailed announcement in a few weeks.

Tay then introduced her two Event Co-Chairs Nuala Maracas and MamaP Beerbaum. Nuala and Mama each introduced the areas they are responsible for.

Nuala Maracas is responsible for:

Activities (Chairs – Marissa Goodliffe and Grogo Tungsten)
Design (Chair – Charlene Trudeau)
Corporate Sponsorship (Chair – Ren Stonecutter)
Survivors and Caregivers (Chairs – Dwen Dooley and Cinders Vale)
Teen Grid (to be appointed)

MamaP Beerbaum is responsible for:

Teams and Mentors (Chairs – Panza Eilde and PrettyKitty Gumbo)
Public Relations and Marketing (Chairs – Poppy Zabelin and Breezy Carver)
Technology (Chair – Belle Loll)
Security (to be appointed)

Each of the leads gave a short update about what is going on in their areas.

FUNdraising starts on March 13, the date of the Kick-Off Party, and we can expect some surprises. Save the date!

One special development this year is the new event board, which Dwen Dooley is developing. There will be a continuous feed so that all events can be advertised in the same place. It will be rezzed out around the grid and people will be able to take a copy and set it out on their own sim.

Just a few weeks ... and then we’ll be seeing the familiar Relay For Life kiosks rezzing all over the grid ...