Monday, February 17, 2014

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Avi-Choice Awards Show----December 15th

The Avi Choice Awards show will be held on December 15, 2013 at 3pm SLT.  This years show will again be hosted by T1 Radio’s Trader Whiplash and Nuala Maracas.  Presenting Avi Choices this year will be Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin of TREET TV’s Designing Worlds and Satin Galli and Erin68 Frog who are longtime SL performers and RL couple, too.  Both sets of presenters are nominees this year and have both won awards in past years.  Performances at this years extravaganza include the wonderful artistry of Particle Tom and Lexi, Therese Nightfire and the Guerilla Burlesque Dancers and first life band Wayne Davis Rocks.  The show will be an  another stunning example of the talent and brilliance available in our wonderful SL grid.

The Avi Choice Auditorium is complete and just absolutely stunning.  Provided by the multi-talented, Wayne Bentley, this years auditorium features lots of comfortable seating, fountains, a party area for the after party and more.  Situated on the corners of four sims, this huge structure is a magnificent place to hold such a prestigious event.

Tickets will be on sale beginning Monday, December 2nd and will be sold on a first-served basis.  Ticket prices will be 200L for balcony seating or 250L for floor seating.   All ticket proceeds will be donated to Relay For Life.  Each ticket-holder will be presented with a door gift and program upon arrival.  Dress for the evening is black tie/formal and all are invited to stay for an after party immediately following the show.  This years after party will feature entertainment provided by Satin & Erin, Savannah Coronet and Johnny Paramour.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

~ ~ The Third Annual Breedable Collectors Auction~ ~

Sunday, December 8th
11am - 3pm SLT & 4pm to end
Streaming Live Across Second Life

Returning to Second Life this wonderful Holiday season, the Magic of Christmas Breedables Fair is proud to present the RFL Breedable Collectors Auction with Nynaveve Wirefly!  This year’s auction features an unequaled selection of One-of-a-Kind items from the biggest names in breedables!

EVERY item is special in some way, a must-have for breedable collectors across the grid, and ALL proceeds benefit RFL!

1. Meeroos
2. BioBreeds
3. Amaretto Breedables
4. Bands of Cypher
5. Charmed Breedables Fashions
6. Breedables Paradies Market
7. ABC Horses
8. Evo Breeding
9. Dwarfins
10. Ozimals
11. Gothic Breedables
12. CannabiSL
13. JingJings
14. KittyCats
15. PlantPets
16. Mossms
17. Odyssey
18. Wild Kajaera


ALL INTERESTED BIDDERS MUST PRE-REGISTER TO TAKE PART IN THE LIVE BIDDING!  There will be a silent auction on the items starting Tuesday, December 3, and ending on Midnight, Saturday, Dec 7.  This will aid in the LIVE portion of the auction on Sunday, Dec 8.  The highest bid from the Silent Auction will be the starting bid for the Live Auction.

Please visit for more information!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Breedables Fair At Christmas!!!!

Yes, it is that most wonderful time of the year!  The holiday season is truly magical no matter what traditions you observe.  In that magical festive spirit, we bring you, what has become an SL tradition ..  The Magic of Christmas Fair!  Featuring SLs amazing Breedables and the markets who promote them, this event will return as a ‘sister event’ to the awesome and spectacular Xmas Expo 2013!  TWO events, side by side and BOTH in support of Relay For Life of Second Life.. how very cool is that?

The Fair will again feature that amazing ONE-OF-A-KIND Breedable Auction For Life.  This spectacular fundraising event is one of the highlights to the Breedable Community every year when they raise an astonishing average of 2 MILLION lindens every year and all proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society.  This auction is one to post on your calendar… and not to be missed..  there is nothing quite like it!  The naughty or nice gift exchange will return to the fair as well as a hunt for our guests, some live entertainment, and the return of the Meet the Creator Series.. when our creators take the stage for an interview and q&a session. 

Check out the website at and come enjoy the festive spirit at this years Breedables Fair at Christmas!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Letter to ACS

After our AMAZING event finale, I sent an email to the Vice President of Relay For Life, and other executives and co-workers at the American Cancer Society.  I am so proud to represent all of you AMAZING people that I just had to show you what I said to them.  I can only hope that I did you all proud!

And now, my email:


The 9th Relay For Life of Second Life was this weekend, and several of our event records were broken (seems we don't know how to Relay in Second Life without breaking records):

1. Most money raised in a single season (current total stands at $381,286).
2. Most money raised between Opening/Closing Ceremony ($38,000).
3. Longest event (25.5 hours) - there's a story why we went 1.5 extra hours.
4. Reached our $2 Millionth dollar since we started Relaying in Second Life in 2005.
5. Most teams (200)
6. Most money raised through Convio ($38,000)

The $2 Million Story
At the beginning of the season, the committee and teams set their goal to make 2013 the year we raise our $2 millionth, all-time. We knew that in order to do it, we would have to raise $373,000, which would be possible, since we've raised $375,000 the last 2 years. Throughout the year, the committee and teams stepped up their efforts to not only fundraise, but to spread the word to other communities and groups in Second Life who hadn't heard of Relay For Life. Our "mega events," which raise around $80,000 each year, each broke their respective records, bringing in a total of: $126,000. When we began the Opening Ceremony, we announced that we were $40,000 away from the $2 million goal - and so it began. The teams rallied, our internet radio and television streams went into "telethon" mode, and everyone who could do something...did do something. Throughout the night, we counted down - building excitement. When it was time for the Closing Ceremony at 10am PT, we were $5,000 away. So, our DJ/MC (owner of the internet radio station), our Chair, 2 Co-Chairs, the Teams Coach Committee Chair, and last year's Chair got on air with me - and the best metaphor that I can use to describe what happened in the next 20 minutes is: white water rafting.

We counted down the last $5,000 with hundreds of avatars standing around the stage, and everyone refused to start the Closing Ceremony until we raised that last $5,000. People were setting out new Luminaria bags and dropping Hundreds of dollars in them. One cool thing is that when you drop $100 into our Luminaria bags, a miniature fireworks display shoots out of the bag for about 45 seconds - so while the countdown is going on and people are virtually throwing money onto the stage, there are fireworks going off all around us. People were getting friends and family to donate on the Convio site, as well. We ended up raising $5,000 in 15 minutes. After we marveled over the generosity of the human spirit and identified that this was the most remarkable moment in the history of the Relay For Life of Second Life, we began the Closing Ceremony with $375,000. The event concluded with a reading of the Empty Table poem, and everyone emotionally drained. I went to bed. When I woke up late Sunday afternoon, I checked the total, and we were at $381,000. They didn't stop fundraising. They are still fundraising all week - trying to reach $400,000. They say it's too close for us to not reach that figure.

This was an amazing moment, not just for Second Life, but for any Relay event, because for those 15 minutes, there was no longer 200 teams, there wasn't a tv station "covering" the event, there wasn't a was all ONE TEAM. Everyone rallied to give all that they could in order to reach the goal. And they did it.

Friday, July 12, 2013


Are you ready to Relay?  The track  is laid, the teams have built incredible campsites, entertainment has been scheduled throughout the weekend, we are READY TO RELAY!!!!!!

Find a schedule for the weekend's events, and lots of other good information at:

If you cant join us on the track, you can listen on the web at:

TreetTV along with other media outlets is broadcasting our event for 24 hours, you may view the 2013 RFL Telethon on the internet at:

SL Newser: The Annual Steelhead RFL Horse Races

Last weekend the Steelhead community's team for the Relay For Life, the Steelhead Salmons, held one of their last events for the season: their annual horse races. Participants got a chance to compete in one or more of three races on a horse track, and the mount didn't always have to be a horse. It was the kind of chaotic fun and mayhem typical of the steampunk-themed community as the horses and other critters didn't always behave or act according to plan. And neither did some of the residents.

Read more (here).